We serve delicious, nutritious and good mood food, that also happens to be vegan.

At the flagship café at the Green School, we prepare food from the heart for the community at large: students, teachers, parents, admin, other staff and visitors to the beautiful school. We serve food that is the healthier and more nutritious choice, especially to young people. We have the students at heart and in mind, and believe that our food helps stimulate their mental clarity, uplift their mood, and elevate their energy to perform their tasks, participate in sports, and just to play around having fun.

We also have our Canggu restaurant with a multi-concept space for people looking for wholesome, healthy solutions for more clarity of mind, joy of spirit and strength of body. Whether you come to us to work, get a sports drink, enjoy dinner around our communal dining table, engage in one of our intimate dinners, partake in a retreat or work event, or watch a documentary or movie, our attention has gone into making sure your experience elevates your spirit.

Our space is characterised by industrial lab meets green living, which reflects our belief in a combination of current techniques paired with close-to-nature plant-based habits.

Food affects mood, and we want to ensure they are in a great mood, by steering them away from food that is less energizing, like ones that are high in sugar, additives, and preservatives since that can really affect their concentration.

The Living Food Lab Journey so far

Living Food Lab started out small, with a table at Green School by Avara Yaron.

 Avara has handed off the baton to the capable hands of plant based chef Pauliina Salmenhaara who is continuing to evolve and expand Living Food Lab. Pauliina has kept many elements of the old menu, as well as having added new ones, such as the Explosive Burgers, sushi, soups, nacho plate, party platters, and the much loved orange pot. Our customers know to ask the question of the day: “What’s in the orange pot today?” Our regulars include zoodles (that’s zucchini noodles) with green pesto and croquettes, carrot spaghetti with tomato pesto and sweet potato-sundried tomato balls, and tomato gazpacho with crackers and tahini pate.

Pauliina Salmenhaara

Pauliina Salmenhaara

Director, Living Food Lab | Vegan chef & Holistic Lifestyle Consultant

Hello. I’m Pauliina Salmenhaara, and I’m a vegan chef and holistic lifestyle consultant and speaker on a mission to make real the basic human right to food for as many people as possible. In January 2017, my family and I moved to Bali, where I became co-owner, alongside my husband Arttu, and director of Living Food Lab. I continue in my role as founder of R.A.W. Inside Out Pte Ltd (Singapore), a holistic lifestyle and wellness business, offering private and corporate workshops, retreats, consultations, and dining experiences. Originally groomed for diplomacy, I left the human rights unit of the Finnish foreign ministry to do human rights NGO work in Finland, and fund-raising in Shanghai. After a crisis in my 30s, I shifted gears and qualified as a holistic healer and raw food, vegan chef. Ten years into this journey, now in my forties, mother to two teen girls, enjoying a combo of business, family, self care, travel, studies and degustation, I’ve never had as much energy and commitment to be of service to others and assist people in their journey to radiantly alive, aware and awakened well-being for one and all. The various milestones in my life have aligned in a way that is coming full circle, as I connect my deep sense of justice (the right to food) with my experience in sustainable, conscious and nourishing food prep, education and service.
I specialize in the following:
  • Modern, cleanly plated plant-based dishes, with a focus on aesthetics and details
  • Wholesome, home-cooked / family style, down-to-earth, no fuss, fulfilling meals
  • Raw food
  • Dehydrated sweet and savoury crackers, biscuits, breads, chips, crisps, and wraps
  • Juices and smoothies
  • Gluten free
My certifications:
  • Elaina Love’s Pure Joy Academy Raw Food Chef and Educator Certification (2013)
  • Elaina Love’s Cleanse Certification (2013)
  • Matthew Kenney Culinary Academy Core Seal Certification (Levels 1 to 4). (2014-2016)
  • Matthew Kenney Culinary Academy Plant-based Desserts (2015)
  • Matthew Kenney Culinary Academy Sports Nutrition (2015)