Buffi Fitness Testimonial


In this edition of Healthy Living, we are introducing Buffi: the Barre Program Director of Roar Fitness in Berawa.

Born and raised in Dubai, after fifteen years in fashion between New York and the UAE, this fashionista turned fitness trainer six years ago and moved to Bali to continue her journey in fitness.

We checked out her Barre class the other day and it was quite impressive. On a third floor surrounded by nature, her sweaty and smiling students were clearly feeling the hardship of the workout and catching her fun and enthusiastic energy.

Her fitness journey and strong body are a clear representation of how she takes her health very seriously. That’s why we feel so proud that she’s a regular customer at Living Food Lab and that our food is aligned with her sporty lifestyle.

For her, there’s nothing like the combination of an intense workout with a fresh juice and healthy protein afterward. As a non-vegan, she was impressed with how flavorful and satisfying our food is, especially the not tuna salad!

Check out her Barre Program at Roar Fitness page here.

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