A cafe Bali experience to satisfy your java taste buds and tantalizing aromatic smell of the fresh coffee beans when you wake up in the morning is the best way to get your day going in beautiful Bali. There are so many good options for a filling breakfast and an energizing juice or a simple espresso.

In the past years, Bali has evolved into a  top notch cafe and foodie’s paradise. As you travel around the island, you can find all different types of gastronomy and international cuisine. The extraordinary high quality of the food and quaint cafe’s surprise its visitors and transform many tourists into expats living here. The delicious and healthy affordable food is definitely one of the reasons why Bali lifestyle is so unique. The affordable prices also can’t be beat!

One of the best examples to illustrate Bali’s food paradise is Canggu, a small town inhabited by digital nomads, entrepreneurs and surfers in the south of Bali. Close to Kuta and Seminyak, Canggu is rapidly turning into a more developed village. You can see many new businesses popping out every day, and the café’s and restaurants are not the exception.

Most of the café’s in Canggu have an impeccable interior design including recycled lamps, arranged plants as centerpieces and creative painted walls for Instagram lovers. Some of them have beautiful views to rice terraces or are very close to the beach. In most of café’s, you can find similar menu’s including smoothie bowls, skillet eggs, sandwiches and wraps.

Living Food Lab Cafe

However, if you want to go to a special café in Canggu with the perfect combination of delicious and healthy food, 100% vegan and organic as well as a beautiful and peaceful vibe, our cafe, Living Food Lab in Canggu Square is the café you are looking for!

From the first moment you enter, we will greet you by a joyful staff, the sound of relaxing classical music in the background and the aromatic smell of our fresh ingredients. Our innovative menu contains mango wraps, spicy Mexican stacks, zucchini noodles, lasagna rolls and an unbelievable variety of chocolates and desserts.

You can also customize your own breakfast and salad bowls with your favorite ingredients. Our variety of colorful handmaid granolas are made from different flavors such as cacao, turmeric, mango, ginger, pomelo and strawberry dragonfruit, to the most amazing sample of tropical fruits.

Coffee at Living Food Lab

One of the reasons why our cafe, Living Food Lab stands out from all the others in Canggu is our coffee. Nowadays, most coffee is brewed in a digitized machine, but not ours! We have an Italian-made Athena Leva, that is a golden vision of a vintage past where your cuppa joes are manually made. It requires a truly skilled, precision-oriented barista to be able to churn out a consistent flavor.

Our coffee beans are handpicked from the Belantik Village in the Kintamani region in Bali and we are engaged with fair trade practices with other farmers. In fact, we offer an amazing eco-friendly tour to visit this farm. During the tour, you can learn the whole coffee bean process. This includes  picking the coffee cherries straight from the tree, washing them (the wet process) and drying them on the greenhouse. And finally, getting a taste of this delicious coffee will be sure to delight you.

Don’t hesitate any more, and get a taste of a cafe Bali at it’s best in Canggu! For inquiries about our coffee tours, please contact us via this form