Coffee Canggu

Indonesia has been one of the largest producers of coffee in the world in the past few years. Balinese coffee is popular due to its low acidity, strong bodies, amazing taste, and delightful aroma. The coffee itself is wonderful, and adding to that experience is enjoying it while you are in Bali.


Bali is filled with beautiful and cozy cafés that offer great Balinese coffee. The best cafés generally have remarkable baristas and beautiful views such as rice terraces or artistic atmospheres. People usually enjoy their long blacks or cappuccinos with a good conversation, an interesting book or their faithful laptop.


But let’s talk about where everything starts: the farms. At Living Food Lab, we wanted to offer the best quality coffee and make sure that the production aligned with our ethical standards. This is how we found the magical Kintamani region and coffee farmer Pak Wayan.


In the northern highlands of Bali, we fell in love with the beauty and flavor of the coffee berries in Kintamani. Pak Wayan is a fourth-generation coffee farmer, who practices fair trade and cultivates organically without any harmful chemicals. It was the perfect fit for our café.

At our restaurants, we carefully prepare them in our Italian beauty, Athena Leva. Dave is our very skilled and passionate head barista, in charge of delivering our mouth-watering coffees. You will also find Dave leading another of our Living Food Lab projects: The Coffee Appreciation Expeditions to Desa Belantih!


We created this eco-friendly expedition so people can learn about and taste the best coffee in Bali at the same time as they experience the magnificence of the Kintamani region. We go there either by the Green School’s eco-friendly BioBus or by private car, and bring along some delightful breakfast and lunch from our Living Food Lab kitchen.


At the coffee farm, you’ll learn about the coffee bean process from start to finish and get a taste of our delicious fresh coffee. As you walk around, you will come up close with the farm cows, chickens and roosters, as well as the odd cat and dog, and all kinds of fruit growing wild in nature. Feast on the beautiful trees and flowers, and explore the traditional homes of some of the workers. Sometimes you might even catch some cock-fighting.

During cherry-picking season, you get to actually pick the cherries, which gives you a deep appreciation of how laborious a process it is, and you can also roll up your sleeves and get your hands wet whilst washing the coffee beans. This is an expedition and an experience you will carry with you and share with others whenever you’re having a cup of coffee and feel like sharing a story about the time you visited a coffee farm up north in Bali.


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You can also buy exquisite Balinese coffee at our restaurant!

Check out our Coffee Expedition video to Belantih Coffee Farm!