At Living Food Lab, we understand that many digital nomads want to find a coworking space in Canggu that not only meets the typical characteristics, but that it also complies with a healthy lifestyle, delicious vegan food and top quality coffee.

As you enter our coworking space on the second floor of our restaurant in Canggu Square, you will be welcomed by a quiet classical music on the background, great WIFI, AC and comfy chairs. The tables are spacious with natural light.  While you work, you will be surrounded by beautiful paintings on the walls, since it is also an art gallery. The space is artistic and creative which offers modular adaptable shelf systems on wheels.

Canggu coworking space: Why it attracts digital nomads

Canggu might be a developing beach town in the South of Bali with several tourists and surfers, but in the past years, this small village has also become the residence of many digital workers looking for a Canguu coworking space. The first wave of digital nomads that came to Bali started to inhabit in Ubud which is in the central part of Bali. But Canggu, farther south, has slowly become another popular place to live due to several reasons. The first one is definitely the beach!

Ubud is a beautiful and magical spot for its cultural and spiritual vibe. It also has a big yoga scene and a variety of restaurants, but it has no beach. For some digital nomads, it’s crucial to be able to take a sunset walk barefoot on the sand after a whole day in a coworking space in front of their computers.

Canggu offers some cultural sites, yoga places and amazing food as well. Basically, it has everything! It’s also close to Kuta and Seminyak, which are more developed beach towns where expats and tourists go for some shopping or the cinema. Likewise, Canggu is relatively close to some white sand and clear water virgin beaches in Uluwatu. For example, Bingin or Belangan beach are only one hour away from Canggu in a motorcycle ride.

Business owners here have definitely noticed this particular target audience of people needing a virtual office  and have adapted their venues to it. This business orientation is visible by the creation of coworking spaces as well as the adaptation of Café’s and Restaurants in order to appeal this community.

Some of the must haves for a Canggu coworking space:

  • A beautiful venue. It’s clear that when you have the freedom to choose your everyday office, you want it to be a beautiful place that you are longing to go more than working from your own house.
  • Good WI-FI. Most of digital workers need a good WIFI connection especially if they have business online meetings or important deliveries to send.
  • Plugs: This is quite an invisible but very relevant element, people need to charge their computer and phone!
  • Comfortable environment. This is crucial and goes from small details as the size of the venue, the type of music and volume to if there is natural light or not, if the chairs have armchairs or not, the form of the tables.
  • Air Conditioner. Even if for some digital workers this is not necessary, I would say that in a beach town as Canggu, it definitely is! specially in a super-hot day in the middle of the summer.
  • Amazing Coffee. Not only the coffee is important but also the food offer. Most of this community work for several hours in a row and they tend to work and eat at the same time, so they care about having good quality options of food for when they get hungry or are just in a desperate need of caffeine!

    Latte at Living Food Lab Canggu
  • Distance. People don’t want to have to drive one hour long from their houses to get to there. Coworking spaces need to be in a central location and easy to find on Google Maps.
  • Parking. This isn’t a strictly must have. However, it is beneficial and certainly a plus for people who ride a motorcycle or car. Finding a quick spot in the morning makes your day much more productive and quicker.

Coworking spaces options in Canggu

There are many options to find a good place to work virtually in Canggu, but even if all of these cafés or restaurants comply with many characteristics of a coworking space, they are not for everyone.

For example, some of them don’t have parking or air conditioning. Most restaurants in Bali don’t have AC so this is a premium benefit. Some put their music very loud which distract you from your work.  Sometimes their venue is beautiful, but their food or coffee is not great or vice versa. It all depends on what you are looking for and your priorities when choosing a place to work for several hours in one sitting.

We also understand that every digital worker has different schedules, so we open our doors from 7 am to 7 pm, giving you a large range of working hours.

For coffee time, we have a great variety of energy balls and bars, chocolates, desserts, cookies, ice-cream. All delicious, all vegan, all healthy and most of them gluten-free!

Besides the coffee to keep you going, you can customize your own breakfast and salad bowls. Our menu includes Mexican flavors as the mango wrap and the spicy Mexican stacks. If you want some Italian food, we have our famous zucchini noodles with pesto, croquettes and tahini dressing, carrot spaghetti, lasagna rolls and raw pizza.

So give us a try! We know you will have a great experience. And the best part. Its free for you to use.