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Since the inception of Living Food Lab, art has been a part of the fabric of our restaurant, from its architecture and interior design to the aesthetic of the dishes and the laboratory equipment. Our vision is that our food and our restaurant not only celebrates art but are appreciated as things of beauty in and of themselves.

Since the opening of Living Food Lab at Canggu Square, our second floor has had art exhibitions by Indonesian artists Windee Winata and Sani. More than just exhibits on our walls, our attempt is to reproduce art in many other different forms. This is why we introduced our series of events “Art Meets Food”, the second of which is a collaboration between Indonesian artist Sani and Living Food Lab in August and September 2018.


About the artist:

With more than 22 years of painting, Sani’s journey started at ISI Denpasar where she studied art. With international exhibits in different countries such as Germany, Australia and the Netherlands, this Indonesian artist has built a well-known reputation of her own. Most of her artwork portrays women’s features, as it’s her passion to captivate women’s identity through their faces. Sani’s dream is to transport her art to every part of the world, not only through her own creations but also by teaching it to people from different nationalities. We are very happy to materialize both of these goals at Living Food Lab.

About the events:

Sani will impart two original workshops, One Drop Chinese Ink. Additionally,to wrap up these exciting art events, we will host a beautiful Art and Cocktail Soirée with an exhibit of her art at Living Food Lab. Every event will be different, so you can attend one of them or all of them, as you wish!


The One Drop Chinese Ink Workshop is a meditative session where Sani will guide you to learn how to create a One Drop Chinese Ink Art piece while you listen to relaxing music. For this unique experience, you will only have to bring your own headset to listen to the music, let your creativity fly and enjoy our delicious healthy vegan food if you want to. Register here.

Portrait Workshop at Canggu Square

If you are interested in learning how to draw your own portrait or someone you love, this workshop is for you. Sani will teach you the basic techniques of drawing to the creation of your portrait in a 40 x 30 cm canvas paper with acrylic. Afterwards, you can even print your portrait on a scarf, mug or plate. No previous experience is needed for this workshop, everybody is welcome!

For this workshop you just have to bring a photo you want to illustrate in your portrait painting and a big smile. Register here.

On a different note, for the Art & Cocktails Soirée, Pauliina’s bartenders and Sani will unite their artistic skills into one: cocktails and painting.

In this special night, the Living Food Lab Baristas and Cooks will be diving into their own artistic worlds as they come up with cocktails, mocktails and canapés to serve alongside her artwork. They even will be wearing some of Sani’s paintings on their T-shirts. This is the perfect evening to mingle, cocktails in hand, and talk about art and life with old and new friends at Living Food Lab’s cozy and fun soirées.

Come and find out more about Sani’s fascinating life as an artist in Indonesia and the inspiration behind her work. Register here.


It will be a pleasure to welcome you to our Art Meets Food events in August and September.

The Bridge and Living Food Lab


Also, we are very excited to share with you that we are building our third venue. Our new baby will be situated next to The Bridge, the world’s first holistic and integrated  learning center for all ages as well as a coworking space inside the Green School.

We are hoping to serve our delicious food and drinks for the Earth Building Workshop on August 20-24 as well as for the Soft Opening of The Bridge. Nevertheless, since construction timing in Bali doesn’t depend only on our wishes, we are still not 100% sure if we will be open for these special dates.

However, you should definitely check out these exciting upcoming activities regarding the launch of this fabulous project.

Help Build Part of New Coworking Space: Green School

On this 5 day workshop you can participate in the building part of this new coworking space using earthen-building techniques. This will be a free-of-cost earthen-building workshop led by master builder Felipe Pinheiro from Brazil. This will be a great chance to mingle with Green School parents and help to shape this new learning space for the adult community.

You don’t need experience, just come ready to play and get your hands dirty!

Felipe Pinheiro is a master Permaculturalist from Brazil, graduated in Civil engineer 2003, Natural building in 2003 and Permaculture in 2007. Co-founder of Ecosapiens, a collaborative studio focus in Sustainable Solutions, based on architecture and engineer solutions. The studio have already designed communities, houses and implemented a series of buildings using natural techniques as earth building, green roofs, passive solar design and self-sufficient planning strategies.


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