Living Food Lab Catering brings our healthy and delicious cuisine to your home, party or gala. We can supply multiple courses from casual finger food to formal, gourmet plated dinners. Breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert are all our pleasure.


Are you wondering if we can cater an entire retreat? The answer is yes! Would you like to know if we can cater monthly, bimonthly, or weekly gathering? Yes indeed, we have done that before and are happy to do it for you as well.

We can also collaborate with caterers supplying those foods outside of our realm of raw food.

Our menus can incorporate flavours from across the globe. Our specialty is interpreting international flavour traditions into the world of raw food.

Contact us to see what a Raw Food Extravaganza could look like for you. We will work with you to make your foodie dreams come true.


Living Food Lab have perfected several Balinese dishes into raw delights. Let us tantalise your tastebuds whilst indulging in the authentic tastes that are synonymous across Bali.


Interested in learning more about raw food? Contact us for information on cooking classes.


Mindful dining, meaningful conversations. Contact us for information and follow us on social media for updates.