Living Food Lab at The Bridge is the first thing one sees when coming to the Green School, and is a warm welcoming point for anyone ready for a warm smile. It is the only cafe where visitors can eat at the Green School, and we are always excited to see who will be visiting the Green School on any given day. It’s a hub for curious souls from around the world who are interested in a more sustainable, ecological and green way of living, and us being a vegan cafe is a wonderful fit, as a plant-based diet is not only a more loving one, but a more sustainable one.

We are happily snuggled between the main gate to the Green School and the co-working space and adult learning center called The Bridge. Our customer base is thus largely digital workers who spend even the whole day doing focused work and connecting with fellow co-workers. To make their experience more special, we customize our menu specifically for this audience, and make sure that this cafe has something that is only available there.

We offer delicious coffee and have customised smoothie bowls of the day, salads of the day and warm dishes of the day. We also have some of the sweet items, sandwiches, and drinks that we sell at the Green School warung.

Our principal goal is to make sure that visitors have a unique experience when they come to the Green School and that members and visitors at The Bridge look forward to eating and drinking at our cafe every day. Happiness is our goal!

LFL at The Bridge is only open to visitors who are doing a tour or who are guests of a parent and/or staff.