Lombok earthquake relief effort

Lombok needs your help! The recent series of earthquakes which caused so much damage and lost lives is a terrible tragedy. Our hearts  go out to all the people affected and who currently are in desperate need of help. We put together this resource to make it easy for you to help and contribute.

As members of a community of leaders in Sustainability, our goal is to effect change and make a positive impact. We come together now to support local initiatives on the ground in Lombok. We invite you to support them as well and share this page with your followers and network.


BGreener has been committed for many years to make the world a better place by solving social and environmental issues and has vowed to help in recovery efforts. Join them in the relief effort for Lombok by making your donation through the BGreener Lombok Earthquake page. Make sure to mention BGreener For Lombok as the comment when sending donations so we can track our impact and report to the community.

Communication and Coordination 

Gather together with the community to see what is needed in this critical time in a Facebook group to keep up to date of what is going on. You are also invited to:

  • Share fundraising events and page
  • Report on the situation on the ground
  • Express your needs on the ground in Lombok and Gilis
  • Offer help and ideas on how to support
  • Share useful information with the community to ease the situation, reconstruction

At this stage, we suggest the members of this group to focus on the immediate relief of the affected areas. We can then use the group to focus on ongoing support of the situation, reconstruction.

Other Resources

  • Sundaya has off-grid solar home products available at cost for those impacted by the quakes in Lombok.  Contact: mailto:[email protected]
  • Khiri Travel has an office in Lombok and is available to assist coordination on the ground. Contact: [email protected]
  • Potato Head is is recommending to support Project Karma who is communicating well on donations and impact.

Let’s make a difference! Together we can bounce back even stronger.


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