Noku Beach House Opening Seminyak

At Noku Beach House on Saturday 25 August, Seminyak beach was awakened by a bright sun, calm waves and a new beautiful and luxurious beach house about to have its inauguration party.

The first guests started to arrive; their silhouettes strolling down through a long white hall, graced by reflections of light, and at the end greeted by the first of four Chakra Shots by Living Food Lab. With a big smile and huge excitement, we welcomed all invitees with our fresh Base Camp shot (The Root Chakra), a combination of tomato, red bell pepper, beetroot, garlic, apple cider vinegar, chili powder and beetroot kombucha. The first chakra symbolizes grounding and to the Earth energy.



Stepping inside into the living room, the overwhelming beauty of this luxurious villa in front of the sea spread out before guests’ eyes. Large, welcoming grey couches opened out to a wood terrace, tropical gardens and tennis court, with a 27-metre pool at the heart, around which guests danced, ate and drank during the celebration.


Image source: Noku Beach House

Most of the attendants couldn’t resist taking a look at the second floor, where they found six sumptuous ensuite bedrooms that were strategically positioned to catch the beautiful Balinese sunsets. The beachfront villa also allows for sprawling on gigantic marshmallow daybeds on the ground floor spa, where people enjoyed some of the cocktails and entrées specially tailored for this unique event.


The designer of this fabulous beachfront house is Alex Zabotto-Bentley. Zabotto started out as a stylist and fashion designer and has evolved into a multi-awarded interior designer. There is no doubt that the magic of Noku Beach House is reflected by his philosophy of “imagination without limits” and his detail oriented creations of giving people a lifetime experience when they walk into his elegant and complex projects, such as Noku Beach House.



Noku Beach House is the latest addition of Elite Havens Luxury, an international villa rental established in 1998. This company features a hand selected and personally inspected portfolio of more than 200 villas in Bali, Lombok, Phuket, Koh Samui, Sri Lanka and the Maldives and they definitely made sure that Noku Beach House made an impact, with 25 professional staff, a private car and driver, and a personal in-house Concierge.

One of the core values of Noku Beach House is being a health conscious residence. Their motto is “Healthy is the New Indulgence” and this is where Living Food Lab came into the picture. We were approached by Noku Beach management team to deliver some of our delicious and healthy signature creations for the guests at its opening event.

After welcoming them with the Base Camp initial shot, we prepared three other chakra shots:

– Solar Cure (The Solar Plexus Chakra)

This one contained coconut water, turmeric, ginger, lemon and coconut nectar. It represents the yellow chakra color which symbolizes mental activity, intellect, personal power and will.


– Pure Heart (The Heart Chakra)

Composed of cucumber, kale, parsley, celery, ginger juice and  lime juice, the green chakra is connected with love, relationships, integration and compassion.


Living Food Lab also served some healthy snacks and what a better option than our delicious and crunchy dehydrated chips? We had a beautiful long table featuring our Cheesy Kale, Crunchy Spinach, Dill-Cucumber and Spicy Zucchini Chips. Everybody enjoyed them, from children to an older crowd, they were a huge success!



At the end of the day we bid the guests farewell with our special Makutha (The Crown Chakra) shot. This was set in a see-through test tube with a beautiful purple injection. It’s base consisted of coconut palm nectar, lime juice and lime essential oil with a purple injection of purple cabbage, dragon fruit juice, coconut nectar, essence of blackberry and lavender essential oil. The purple chakra color evokes intuition, extrasensory perception and inner wisdom.

Being part of Noku Beach House opening event was a dream and being able to witness all of the guests enjoying our original chakra shots and healthy chips was even better. We can’t wait for the next wonderful experience with Noku Beach and Elite Havens Luxury!


To learn more about Noku Beach House page here.

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