Living Food Lab has always been a business with heart and soul. Now owned by wife and husband team, Pauliina and Arttu, it started out small, with a table at the Green School by Avara Yaron. That table sprouted into a warung, which serves the school community with nutritious, vegan food and drinks.

The name of the restaurant is based on three different pillars that determine our essence and purpose.


“Living” denotes being alive: our food is alive with nutrients and enzymes, and because of plant based choices, animals also get to enjoy a longer and happier life. Furthermore, we are spreading a message of “aliveness” as humans, that includes an awareness of how we are living, and being more conscious of the choices we make.


“Food” is at the core of our service, and it, too, is “living”, as illustrated by the process of soaking nuts and seeds and allowing them to sprout, and not heating foods above 45 degrees celcius. This second key word is obviously about preparing delicious food, and what’s more, it’s also about conscious eating.


“Lab” embodies the spirit of continuously experimenting, of creating out of curiosity and never settling down: “What new ideas do we have?” In Canggu and in catered events, we have created a lab-like feel, serving drinks out of test tubes and injecting infusions into them, as well as using cylinders and cones for our in-house milks, not to forget our servers who wear lab coats at special events.

Living Food Lab has three locations: two at the Green School and one in Canggu. With a desire to serve the hundreds of students, parents, teachers and staff at the Green School, the original location is nestled in between the football field and sangkep, and caters to the community.

With hundreds of curious visitors making their way to the Green School every week, Living Food Lab opened its second Green School cafe on August 24th, 2018. Snugly sitting at the visitor entrance, it also share a wall with a co-working space called The Bridge.

In contrast to the jungle surroundings of the flagship cafe, Canggu serves as the location for the industrial-meets green style cafe/restaurant, which also serves as an art gallery, co-working space, event venue, screening room for movies and documentaries, music spot and education space.


Our mission is to serve people-loving food to food-loving people. What that does mean? “People-loving food” is food that is nourishing, strengthening and healing for us. It raises our vibration, elevates our mood, gives us more clarity of mind and strength of body. Such food can be delicious and beautiful, something that would appeal to “food-loving people” whether its healthier and vegan or not.

Our bigger vision is to bring plant-based food to schools and hospitals around the world, as the wiser, healthier, more peaceful, and sustainable solution to the health crises of humans and our beautiful planet.