Art & Cocktails Soirée

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On this event, we are uniting the beauty of the paintings of Indonesian artist Sani with the exquisite creative gastronomy of our Chef and Baristas.
Sani’s art has been bringing joy to the second floor space of Living Food Lab since July. Come and find out for yourself more about Sani, her life as a female artist in Indonesia, as well as the inspiration behind her art work!
The Living Food Lab Baristas and Cooks will be diving into their own artistic worlds as they come up with cocktails, mocktails and canapes to serve alongside the artwork. They will even be wearing some of Sani’s artwork.
This is the perfect evening to mingle, cocktails in hand, and talk about art and life with old and new friends at Living Food Lab’s cozy and fun soirées.
About the artist:
With more than 22 years painting, Sani’s journey started at ISI Denpasar where she studied art. With international exhibits in different countries such as Germany, Australia and the Netherlands, this Indonesian artist has built a well-known reputation of her own. Most of her art work portrays women’s features, as it’s her passion: to captivate women’s identity through their faces.
Event details:
Date: Friday, September 7
Time: 7pm
Location: Living Food Lab at Canggu Square
Price: 195 k per person
Includes: 2 cocktails or cocktails and three canapés.

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