Portrait Workshop

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Are you interested in learning how to draw your own portrait or someone you love?
Living Food Lab is hosting a Portrait Workshop with Indonesian artist Sani.
You will learn from the basic techniques of drawing to the creation of your portrait in a 40 x 30cm Canvas paper with acrylic. Afterwards, you can even print your portrait on a scarf, mug or plate!
No previous experience is needed for this workshop, everybody is welcome!
Don’t forget to bring a photo, a smile and to try the delicious food and coffee at Living Food Lab!
Event details:
Date: Saturday 1 and Sunday 2, September 2018
Time: 9 am- 12pm
Location: Living Food Lab in Canggu Square
Price:  300 k per person for a 3-hour Workshop
Includes:  Art paper for practicing, paper canvas size 40 x 30cm, brushes, acrylic, and pencil tissue.
About the artist:
With more than 22 years painting, Sani’s journey started at ISI Denpasar where she studied art. With international exhibits in different countries as Germany, Australia and the Netherlands, this Indonesian artist has built a well-known reputation of her own. Most of her art work portrays women’s features, as it’s her passion: to captivate women’s identity through their faces.
Sani’s dream is to transport her art to every part of the world, not only through her own creations but also by teaching it to people from different nationalities.

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