As co-owner and director, I feel like the Big Ibu, because everyone on our team is dear and near to me. Living Food Lab is a family and we help each other out. The message I drive through is that our food is an offering, a blessing from us to our guests, and all that we do should be founded in love and integrity.


As the other co-owner, Arttu is the man to go to for reason and sense, as well as an overall birds eye view of things. He has the ability to zoom out and see the big picture, and also carries with him an aura of kindness and caring. His special interest is on offering quality coffee, and he will often sit with the baristas slurping on espressos.

Ibu Wayan

Ibu Wayan is our operations manager, who knows the ins and outs of Living Food Lab, from the production kitchen in Sibang Kaja to the Green school cafes and the Canggu co-working space. Invoices, orders, suppliers, heart-to-hearts with our team, you name it, she does it.


Although acting mainly as personal assistant to Pauliina, Imelda proves herself over and over again as a Jill-of-all-trades, having a firm overview of many operational issues. Also proficient in HR, she is behind some of our newer team members.


The Floor:


With us first at the Green School and then as the founding crew for the Canggu location, Dewa is not only Captain Waiter, but overall Mr. Find-A-Solution and Pak Positivity. Always ready to share a warm smile, his laughter tickles us, and he also stays calm in the face of a storm.


One of the original crew at Canggu, Surya also worked at the Green School and knows our menu well. A bit shy, he is a curious person, always eager to get to know our guests and maybe learn a few words in their language. Commonly referred to, by his own request, as Mr. Handsome, when asked how he is, he will often answer, “Still handsome.”

The Baristas:


Joining us as Head Barista, Dave is passionate about coffee. He will literally talk for hours about it if you let him. That’s why his demos are so entertaining, and why it’s so worthwhile to go with him on an expedition to the farm where all our single origin coffee beans come from. With his swanky smile, he easily charms our guests over a hot brew. Also in charge of the Liquid Lab, he oversees the juice, smoothie and healing drinks menu.


With the friendliest of smiles, Tude is an exact and meticulous barista, and we can trust him to produce high quality coffees and drinks. Unassuming and modest, this is where his charm lies. And, he has a bubbly laugh.


You wouldn’t believe it, but this young looking fellow with the innocent smile is a father of two. You’ll best communicate with him in Indonesian, but with his large grin, you could also just smile alongside him and enjoy the drinks he makes with his great taste buds.

The Kitchen:


Ever the jokester, trust cook Ery to crack a joke or bring humour into a tense situation. When no one is looking, he will crank the music up and listen to anything ranging from Nirvana to howling wolves healing music. A creative cook, he also does pop up demos at our Canggu location and will show different ways to cut fruit or sharpen knives.


Cook helper Didi takes his work seriously and has an aesthetic eye, which sometimes means an order might take a bit longer, because he enjoys the plating process so much. A young fellow, his diligence is appreciated by us, as well as his always positive attitude.



As floor leader at the Green School, Yudha has quite the job to coordinate between the Canggu and Sibang Kaja production kitchens, as well as navigate around the school calendar, with events springing up suddenly for hundreds of people as well as daily operations. With a recognisable laugh and can-do attitude, Yudha is a trusted person at school

Gung Gek

Working with a peaceful calmness, Gung Gek is a solid member of the Green School team, most often preparing the food and drinks items served at school as well, but also stepping up to the cashier during busy times.

Ibu Ketut

A quiet and focused worker, Ibu Ketut actually has a cheeky sense of humour, and has great stamina for a woman with some years already behind her.


A part of the Green School community since seems like forever, Gede knows all our customers’ names and can even guess their orders. Cheeky and a bit naughty at times, he somehow seems to get away with things because of his boyish smile.


Already with Living Food Lab when it was still at Hubud, Komang also prepares many of the juices and sandwiches and other stapes at the Green School. Also often at the order counter and salad bar, he likes to joke around behind the scenes.



With the friendliest of smiles, Tude is an exact and meticulous barista, and we can trust him to produce high quality coffees and drinks. Unassuming and modest, this is where his charm lies. And, he has a bubbly laugh.


Ibu Ketut

A woman most people will never see because she works at the production kitchen, Ibu Ketut is however a key member of the team, with solid knowledge of our recipes. Armed with a smile and a can-do attitude, she is our rock when it comes to making sure the Green School community is fed.

Ibu Komang

The second person at the production kitchen who most will not see is Ibu Komang, who prepares foods and drinks that guests enjoy at the Green School. Ever ready to spring a smile, she makes desserts, biscuits and other schow case items.

Pak Wayan

Already familiar to us as our reliable and gentle driver, Pak Wayan has joined the ladies at the production kitchen in Sibang Kaja in preparing drinks and food for the Green School as well as making sure we’ve got enough coconuts, delivering to the school, and having a finger on the pulse both at school and at the kitchen.