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This Month's Living Food Lab Events

Coffee Appreciation Expedition to Kintamani

We believe that a perfect coffee experience can simply be enjoying a delicious cup of coffee made with the highest quality coffee beans. However, we are convinced that this journey can be even better after understanding and being part of the whole coffee …

Living Food Lab News

Living Food Lab’s Road to Sustainability

It’s no secret that Bali is one of the most magical destinations in the world, with its rich and diverse nature, white sand beaches, volcanoes, mountains, and rice terraces. This …

Vibrant Living E-Book

Daily Practice Tips For Vibrant Living Dear Friends and Family, I hope that all of you who celebrate Christmas were able to feel the magic of Christmas in one way or another. …

Buffi Fitness Testimonial

BUFFI: THE BARRE PROGRAM DIRECTOR OF ROAR FITNESS In this edition of Healthy Living, we are introducing Buffi: the Barre Program Director of Roar Fitness in Berawa. Born and raised in Dubai, …

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