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Daily Practice Tips For Vibrant Living

Dear Friends and Family,

I hope that all of you who celebrate Christmas were able to feel the magic of Christmas in one way or another. And for our Hindu friends, I wish you Happy Galungan and Kuningan. For my family and myself, it was a time of joy and sadness. A dear friend of ours passed away, and we have been spending time in New York with his family. At the same time, my husband and our two girls have been reconnecting, as I live half the time in Bali and half the time in Finland. We have cried and we have laughed, and we have together created some special magic based around love and togetherness.

Over the past three decades I have come up with a Toolbox of Tips and Tricks to help me through difficult times. Gradually, they became a part of my daily, weekly, monthly and yearly routines, and eventually, I began to share them with friends and clients through my work as founder of R.A.W. Inside Out. Actually, they are not meant just for the tough times, but for the happy times as well. In fact, when you get in the routine of using them in happy times, it’s much more likely that you will make it through times of transition or difficulty, because the muscle of self-care has already been strengthened.

It was my intention to gift all of you with some of my favourite tips for self-care in times of shift, and with what has been happening in my personal life lately, this gift is now even more meaningful, because I am truly practising these myself. And so, it is with love and humbleness that I share with you my e-Book, called “Daily Practice Tips For Vibrant Living”.

In it I share some intimate daily routines which I’ve divided into 4 areas of life: Savour, Sweat, Shine and Sense. I’d love for you to share with me what you loved most and what tips and tricks you have that have helped you through big shifts.

I wish you all Vibrancy and Love as you enter a magical 2019,


Check the e-Book here: Daily Practice Tips For Vibrant Living.

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