Living Food Lab is a cafe

Living Food Lab is a casual café and teaching kitchen serving up raw food creations that are as locally grown and organic as possible, vegan and gluten free, and addictively delicious. Our flagship café is at the stunning Green School, Bali and our second vegan restaurant is in Canggu.

Living Food Lab is catering

Living Food Lab brings gorgeous nutrition to dinner parties, yoga retreats and events large and small.

Living Food Lab is a team

Jokes, good spirit, love of service – these bring our team together, with 3 at the production kitchen, 4 at the Green School and a driver scooting back and forth between the two. At the helm are owners Pauliina and Arttu Salmenhaara, in love since 1998, and in business together since 2016. (P.S. We are growing fast and looking for new team members who just can’t wipe a smile off their face!)


Lombok needs your help! The recent series of earthquakes which caused so much damage and lost lives is a terrible tragedy. Our hearts  go out to all the people affected and who currently are in desperate need of help. We put together this resource to make it easy for you to help and contribute.

Our Modest Mission

Conscious food, healthy people, happy planet.


Living Food Lab is a teaching cafe in Bali, offering fresh, sustainably sourced, organic raw food made with attention from start to finish. Our casual food served in casual settings is so fresh, nutritious and delicious it is practically dancing.

We make it easy and tasty to eat healthy, plant based meals and snacks.

Our Philosophy

Food is a blessing.

Cooking is a ceremony.

An offering from us to you,

With love, awareness and understanding.


You ask, we answer.


Monday to Friday, 7:45AM - 5:00PM