Art Meets Food feat Sani

Since the birth of Living Food Lab at Canggu Square, we knew we wanted to make this beautiful space more than a vegan restaurant that serves food. We wanted to fill it with art and fun activities for everybody, to portray art in the smallest of details such as the aesthetic of our dishes and enhancing the room by featuring unique paintings on our walls.

As a part of our art-related activities, we offered our guests the best combination of art, fun and delicious food. For this, we collaborated with Indonesian artist Sani in the event “Art Meets Food”.

Sani’s journey started at ISI Denpasar where she studied art. With more than 22 years painting and international exhibits in countries such as Germany, Australia and the Netherlands, she has built a well-known reputation of her own.

Moreover, Sani is not new to the Living Food Lab world. Her paintings have been bringing life and joy to our second floor since June. However, in this series of events, her role transformed into a more personal and dynamic one; as an art teacher as well as an exhibitor of her life and work as an Indonesian woman and artist.


The first workshop was on Sunday, 2nd of September, where a group of nine students of different ages and backgrounds painted some beautiful portraits in a three-hour class.

Sani started teaching them the basic techniques of drawing and then progressively led them to the final creation of their portraits in a 40cm x 30cm Canvas paper.

Joyful reactions overtook the second floor of the restaurant with the unexpected, yet extremely creative painting skills of all of the students. Moreover, most of the portraits had a personal meaning for the painters: family, best friends, daughters, dads, etc. Coincidentally, some Australian students were celebrating Father’s Day so they made the most of the workshop to paint their dad’s portrait with the intention of later presenting it as a gift at their family lunch.

The strong characters illustrated on the portraits were accentuated by the powerful colours and textures of the acrylics.

By noon, we all had some new knowledge on portrait painting, a magnificent gift for our loved ones and a new hunger to learn, which would coincide with some exquisite food from our kitchen for lunch!


The next week, on a Friday night, our guests were welcomed not only by Sani’s paintings, but by her beautiful voice in the video of her work. What a multi-talented artist!

Wearing Sani’s paintings on their printed T-Shirts, our waiters served some delicious canapés: Tempeh Taco Crumble Salad, Mango Wrap, Black Sticky Rice Bowl and the irresistible Peanut Butter Cookies with chocolate and caramel sauce.

The attendants also enjoyed some of the specially tailored cocktails created by our head barista Dave. Each Cocktail symbolised the colours and essence of a different painting by Sani displayed on the wall.

We also wanted the guests to explore their own creativity and painting skills at this cocktail soirée, especially after one or two cheeky drinks! For this, a big canvas paper was set up on the second floor with paint and markers on hand. It was a complete hit since most of the attendants couldn’t resist grabbing the brushes and drawing something fun on it!

Sani also gave a beautiful presentation about her 22 years as an artist, her passion for drawing women and how her biggest fan and supporter is her daughter.

At the end of the evening, the invitees received a sweet surprise by Sergey Grachev who shared exquisite samples of his handmade chocolates!

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