In our Canggu restaurant, we go beyond feeding people to nurturing and nourishing them. Our vision is to nourish food-loving people with people-loving food. Our deeper vision is to nourish people, nurture minds, and cultivate spirit. We want to go beyond the initial WOW! reaction to an appreciation of the depth of thought and care that is put into our food and service. Our team understands that we prepare our food like an offering, and it is served as a blessing. If our guests feel this love and care, we are beyond happy.



At Living Food Lab, our wish is for guests to feel not only welcomed, but understood.  We take pride that our team understands the difference food preferences people have. There is no judgment or questioning here. Rather, it is an understanding that some people have chosen to be vegan and others avoid sugar, oil, acid or gluten, be it for sensitivity, allergy or pure preference.

Experience something different that has vegan foundations. It is vegan food, plain and simple, but our focus goes beyond this to many other factors of the whole experience.  Our motto is whole over perfect. We encourage our guests to take care of their whole being:  body, mind and spirit. That’s part of the reason we opened this up as a multi-concept space, to nurture various aspects of our selves: work, play, eat, drink.

When guests arrive at our Canguu restaurant, we welcome them to invoke curiosity to look around our different stations and try out the different seating options.  We want them to explore different hours to see how the mood changes from morning to evening. We love that our guests can enjoy the brightness of the day in our work lab, and experience the transformation that happens in the evening as it turns into a communal dining table.

We pay a lot of attention to the details of our table setting for the intimate dinners as well as the lighting around the space and on the chefs. We are excited about our floating sofas that transform into a stage for music, talks and comedy. We  encourage an atmosphere of evolving through showing documentaries, and a time for entertainment through movies. Ultimately, when you walk in, we want you to feel that anything is possible in this space.

These are some of highlights which make us stand out from other Canggu restaurants:

  • The customized decor and attention to detail in our “industrial lab meets green living” space.
  •  The multi-concept space, where the space opens up as a gallery, for retreats, events, music and working, and where even the furniture transforms itself, such as our floating sofas that double as a stage for DJs, musicians and speakers.
  • The combination of intimate dinners around a communal dining table with an education lab.
  • The salad station and breakfast bar that allow you to customise your own dishes.
  •  The choice of health drinks served in test-tubes and lab equipment.
  • The old-fashioned coffee machine and the slow, manually brewed coffee.
  • The space given to our kitchen team.