Our mission is to serve people-loving food to food-loving people. What that does mean? “People-loving food” is food that is nourishing, strengthening and healing for us. It raises our vibration, elevates our mood, gives us more clarity of mind and strength of body. Such food can be delicious and beautiful, something that would appeal to “food-loving people” whether its healthier or not.

Our bigger vision is to bring plant-based food to schools and hospitals around the world, as the wiser, healthier, more peaceful, and sustainable solution to the health crises of humans and our beautiful planet.

We go beyond feeding people to nourishing and nurturing them.


We go beyond the ingredients and deeper than the food preparation, into joy, love and care for our customers and communities. Although it’s about the food, it’s not just about the food. It’s about the care that went into the ingredients and food preparation, the joy with which we serve it, the love we offer to our customers. We build communities around our tables.

We also believe in the power of education, in families and communities taking charge of eating with more awareness, mindful to the positive effect we can have on a more sustainable planet.

We believe in providing access to delicious, nourishing food by bringing it to schools, communities, offices, hospitals, and airports around the world.